Choose the Ideal Plan

The ideal plan drives your personal, ownership and financial success… while attracting, retaining and rewarding your most valued employees.

Unfortunately, most business owners do not have the ideal plan design.

For example, SIMPLE IRAs or SEP IRA plans are popular because they are relatively simple to implement. Unfortunately, you cannot save enough within a SIMPLE IRA to accomplish your financial goals. And, while a SEP IRA is different, a similar problem occurs: when you try to maximize the contribution to your personal portion, you are faced with overwhelmingly expensive and unsustainable contributions to your employees’ portion.

With Pharmacy 401k, it is simple to start a 401k, or convert your current plan, because we provide:

  • A dedicated startup/conversion specialist to handle the majority of the work required
  • Simplified plan documents to make the startup or conversion process easy
  • Advanced plan management and decision support technology for you and your employees
  • A secure, online portal for sending necessary information without having to use paper or a fax machine/scanner
  • A bundled service platform so you are only dealing with one company for the life of your 401k
  • A dedicated toll-free phone line answered by real people who can answer any questions you or your employees may have

It’s simple to get started!

The matrix below gives you a general idea of the type of plan that may be best for your situation. You can click on each plan type to dig a little deeper or you can take action now and let us help you make the best possible choice.

Company Profits Multiple Employer Plan (MEP) 401k & Optimized Profit Sharing Plan Cash Balance Plan
Less than 50k
50k to 250k
Greater than 250k
Customized 401(k) Plan
401(k) and Cash Balance Plan