Tools For Success

Plan Design

The perfectly designed plan lets you focus on the employees who are essential to your success, while minimizing administrative costs and accessing top of the line service. Take action now and we will give you the exact dollar amounts for employer cost, deductions, and specific deposit illustrations to help you make the most informed decisions.

Fee Benchmarking

Fun fact: The Department of Labor recommends benchmarking your plan every 3 years. Have you been keeping up with that? Understanding fees is tricky as many providers say everything is “free” while hiding the true cost. Not to worry, we’re experts at dissecting fees and making sure you understand exactly what you’re paying. Let us evaluate your current fees to determine if you and your employees could see significant savings. Second fun fact: A fee reduction of 1.00% could add over $87,000 to the average employee’s account after 35 years of working.

Retirement Readiness for Employees

Helping your employees focus on retirement is a benefit beyond measure. To ensure their retirement goes from regular to successful, we meet individually with each of your employees to make sure they understand how much money they need to retire and what they need to do to reach that goal.

Fiduciary Checkup

As Plan Sponsor, you need to know what it means to be a “fiduciary” to your retirement plan. That’s why we make it easy for you to ensure the greatest cost-benefit to your employees by benchmarking your plan’s fees and expenses annually. And, as part of our fiduciary status, we offer diversified investments that minimize the risk of large investment losses.